Baldasaro Contracting Incorporated provides water service upgrades to homes with older household plumbing in Hamilton and its surrounding areas including Beamsville, Grimsby, Winona, Burlington, Ancaster, Dundas, and Waterdown.  By upgrading the service to your home you can effectively increase your water pressure and eliminate lead contamination from your drinking water.


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Ensure your family has safe and clean drinking water by replacing your old lead waterlines.

Leaking Pipes

A leaking service line or pipe in your home can add up to serious water waste. A small hole in a pipe (1.5mm) wastes 280,000 liters in a three-month period. Continual leaking from this size hole could cost you about $337 in that three month time period. This is enough water to do 900 loads of laundry!*

Check Size and Type inspection is one of the initial steps involved to determine the  size and type of pipe that is used to provide your water service. For poor water pressure problems, this inspection will determine if your current water pipe has any leaks or is less than 20mm / 3/4“ in diameter.*

Private Serviceis the portion of the water pipe located on your property between the building and the property line.*

Public Service is the portion of the water pipe located on the street right-of-way between your property line and the

water main.*

If you experience ongoing low water pressure, call the City of Hamilton’s Water  Distribution Section at 905-546-4426 and arrange to have a Check Size and Type Inspection of your water service. Upon completion of an inspection at your address, if it is determined that the service size is less than 3/4“ in diameter, and you fulfill your obligations, the City  of Hamilton will replace the existing Public Service located in the road allowance with a 3/4“ diameter water service or install a new service in the case of a shared service.*

Water main replacement in your neighbourhood.

The City of Hamilton continually upgrades water infrastructure to maintain their high level of drinking water service.  You will be notified when the watermains and water service pipes on your street are being replaced.  To benefit from the replacement of water service pipes on the road allowance, the city encourages property owners to replace their private portion as well.  Replacing old water servive pipes generally results in increased water flow as well as removes service pipe materials that are no longer acceptable such as lead and lead alloy.*

* Sited from The City of Hamilton website at

Upgrade your service from lead to copper to prevent lead from leaching into your household water.

Experienced, licensed, and insured.  We offer professional and expert services at the lowest prices.