"We had our lead pipes changed in an old house. We have a beautiful tree out front and all of the other companies said there was no way to save the tree. Baldasaro offered to move the line to save the tree. When I went to other companies to ask if they could move the line, they all charged a lot more. On-time and friendly team."



"I called 4 different plumbing contractors to replace our old lead pipe from our home to the City connection. Baldasaro Contracting was the most professional company that came out to our home to quote on the project. Their price was very reasonable and they did the job in a timely manner, less than 5 hours and everything was done. I think they did an excellent job, considering that they had to dig up part of the front lawn, drill through bedrock and make the connections, and then put the front lawn back in order. I would recommend them to friends and family. For anyone looking to have this project done, make sure you pick the right company as one of the competing contractors who came out to the house wanted to dig up our basement which was not necessary at all."



"My experience with Baldasaro overall turned out to be pleasant. They were happy to help me once I started to speak with Mr. Baldasaro himself. He seems very trustworthy and eager to help."



"They replaced a lead pipe in our home in Ancaster, and did a really good job. An excellent job. Their was some miscommunication between the contractor and the city, but in the end the contractor made sure the issue was resolved. We were really happy."



"First class service. They did exactly what they promised, they explained the procedure, performed it on time, correctly done and kept things tidy and clean. I would use them again. Thank you!!"

-Private Homeowner

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"We decided to replace the old lead pipes in to our house with the city paying part of the cost. Baldasaros crew did a fantastic job. They did minimal amount of damage to our lawn. They also had to move our water meter inside the house and did that smoothly as well."