Water Service Upgrades

The service that we provide upgrades water lines of any diameter, of any material to more optimal 3/4 inch copper lines or any other diameter that is required.  Deteriorating lead pipes can compromise your health if lead is seeping into your water supply.  By moving away from old lead lines you can safely reduce the amount of lead content found in your water. 

As the demand of water supply to homes increases, you may experience low water pressure.  This may be caused by sediment build up from old, aging, and rusting pipes.   By replacing these pipes with larger diameter lines you can improve and increase the water flow to your home.   Replacing old water servive pipes generally results in increased water flow as well as removes service pipe materials that are no longer acceptable such as lead and lead alloy.

Upgraded copper water service installed below frost line.

Sediment build up inside a lead line.

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New copper line connecting to new shut  off valve.


The City of Hamilton has initiated a funding assistance program. It enables eligible property owners of residential dwellings that meet the Lead Water Service Replacement Program Guidelines to access a 10-year interest bearing loan for the replacement of lead water private services. The loan is transferred to the property owner’s tax roll with annual payments due on the final tax installment due dates. The loan, if approved, will not exceed $2500 and will only be paid to the property owner upon receipt of the invoices for the completed work, and the inspection of the completed work by City staff under the water service permit. 

Loan Eligibility 
• Must be the owner(s) of the property 
• All owners of the property must apply for the loan Application Form
• Have obtained a minimum of 1 quote for the work from licensed Contractors Estimate Form
• The application form and estimate form are to be completed and mailed for further approval.
• Has not commenced replacement of private service prior to October 10, 2007.
• All property taxes must be current at the time of application and at time of loan payment
• Once approved property owners will receive a Commitment Letter for signature.
• The owner(s) must complete and sign the Commitment Letter 
• The owner(s) must meet all the conditions of this Program

If you suspect that you have a lead water service, call the City of Hamilton's Water Distribution Section at

905-546-4426 and arrange to have a Check Size and Type inspection of your water service.